Why Should I provide my credentials ?

Customer Credentials will be taken for identification purpose only. Those will be confidential to Hitchu site and we dont share those information to any third party.

What to do with the code received via text message ?

From Customer's Point: The code received in messages used to unlock the vendors contact information. The code received is unique to that particular vendor. This code need to be shared with vendor to generate the discount percentage. The vendors who provides discount are shown in the discount page.

From Vendors's point: Once you receive the code from customer the same needs be entered to Hitchu.com admin control site. This will make an entry of booking once deal with the customer has been finalized.

What to do if the generated code gets lost ?

If you have lost the code or have not received the code in the first attempt please click on resend code so that you get the same code generated earlier again. If you still didnot receive that code pls let us know at support@hitchu.com or Hitchu2016@gmail.com.

Can I check availability of date and service on this website ?

We are a listing website providing attractive discounts, deals and offers only. Queries regarding booking of service and availability of date has to be checked with the service provider directly.

How to redeem coupons for availing discounts ?

The coupons for discount has to be shared with the service provider for availing discounts. The service provider shall enter the coupon code into his admin system. The system will instantly generate a discount percentage on the final booking amount.

What is the validity of the coupon generated ?

Validity of the coupon code is 60 days.

How do I make payment for the services availed ?

Payment for the service availed will be directly made to the service provider.

Will there be any cancellation charge on bookings ?

As of now Hitchu.com site does not provide vendor booking service.So for any cancellation charges customer needs to check directly with the vendor.

Should I mention to the service provider about how I got their contact details ?

Please mention that you have received the contact details of the service provider through HitchU.com. The same will help service providers to identify you properly and to provide attractive discounts, deals and offers.

How do I post a review and rating of a service provider ?

Reviews and ratings will play an important role in our website and will directly reflect the quality of service provided by each service provider.Reviews and ratings can be directly provided against each service provider through our website and the same will be displayed on vendor page prominently.

How to contact HitchU for any queries ?

You can reach us directly at support@hitchu.com or hitchu2016@gmail.com. We will be happy to receive your queries and revert back at the earliest.