About Us

HitchU is a digital marketing website having its office in Guwahati and specializes in all wedding related needs. Our website is a platform where you can showcase all your services and highlight your specialties so that a prospective client can contact you directly based on their requirement. The idea behind this originates from a common requirement from the both sides as a business and as a customer i.e. to have a common place for all wedding related services. We often notice that people always have a tough time gathering information about different wedding service providers either from their friends/family or from various scattered websites. Our website simplifies this problem for the consumers by bringing as many wedding service providers as possible at one place where the consumer can sort, filter and compare them as per their requirement. As for the businesses, this brings a great deal of visibility instead of having an individual website which is very likely to be missed by a prospective client. Moreover, we also provide advertising space in our Home page where you can attract more customers by giving competitive offers.

Our website takes advantage of various services like

Search engine optimization (so that it always appears higher up in web searches).
Social media presence (attract people to our website through social media like Facebook, twitter etc.).
Showing pictures and video etc. to help you increase your digital presence significantly.

In today's digital business world, you need a partner who can help you take advantage of all these marketing opportunities across a variety of channels digitally and our team of experts can help you achieve that through our website.