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Posted On : 20 Aug 2017

Weddings are grand affairs with many rituals to follow before, during, and after the actual ceremony. To make your wedding grand and memorable for you and the guests, you must carefully plan and execute it. Wedding Decoration plays a major role on making this ceremony a grand. 

Gone are the days, when you had to make calls and ask people about the wedding decorations and decorators. If you are getting married soon or planning your near and dear ones wedding, then let take care of your decoration woes. From flowers to curtains, check out for best of decorators and services. 

In wedding decoration, here are the six things you must carefully consider. 

1) What You Want and in How Much? 
Your wedding is the most important day of your life. So, you must be having your own desires and ideas about the decoration, like what colors background you want, or how you want the entry gate to look like. 

So, prepare your checklist of decoration for your big day first. Then, there should be an estimated cost also which should be assigned against each item, which you think appropriate for that item at that time. Then one by one keep completing each task keeping track of the budget against each of the items. This way you can supervise your expenditure as well as make adjustments. 

2) Decide Your Primary Color scheme: 
Decide the primary color or set of colors for the wedding decoration. All the decoration are centered against that color or set of colors. Different colors can be matched with the primary colors to create a vibrant look and feel. Or, even contrasting colors create a lively atmosphere as wedding decoration. 

Red and gold by far remains the most favored color pairing when it comes to Hindu Indian wedding. This represent a rare mixture of tradition and opulence. Other popular colors are pink, Lavender, Royal blue and green. People are also opting for different color combination to match the season. Like, green if its monsoon, orange if its summer and pink if its spring.

3) Flowers to Add Aroma and Colors
Flowers are one of the most important aspect of any decoration, including wedding. Think about a wedding and we instantly picture flowers radiating their charm from every corner of the venue. Flowers never fail to lift up the spirit on the special day. As an old favorite the strings of marigold of orange and yellow color are used everywhere to decorate the wedding venue. Roses and white flowers like jasmine or tuberose are used to decorate the central stage. 

You may have also seen entrance gate at wedding venues made of flowers holding a sign mentioning names of the bride and bridegroom. Flowers are essential part while doing any decoration on that day. From the central stage to groom’s car, all are decorated with different designs and with flowers. Wedding in Assam has evolved over the years and so is the wedding decoration. For finding the latest trends, websites like (hitchu) can be very useful.

4) Lights and Drapes:
Proper lighting is the one aspect of decoration that can change everything. Good lighting can improve the decoration immensely. You can create your favorite ambience on your big day with the help of good lighting. In lights, chandeliers always add a touch of grandeur to the venue. Also, rows and rows of light strings may be hung along the entrance to form a twinkling backdrop of the entrance. Traditional Diyas and scented candles on the dining tables can give a more romantic touch to the whole event.  

Drapes and canopies give the wedding venues the special spruced up, ready for a wedding look. If there is a specific color scheme then match the drapes’ color with that to complete the ambience. Drapes can turn the mood of guests instantly. Red and yellow are always a good choice of color for drapes and coverings. 

5) The Stage:
The stage is the centerpiece of the entire venue. This is the space where bride and groom will be seeking blessings from the guests and pose for photos. Usually, the stage is decorated with flowers and drapes. While decorating this space, the color scheme should be kept in mind since this will be the photographer’s favorite frame. The color of the background drapes and coverings should also be complement the attires of the bride and the bridegroom. The couch on which the bride and bridegroom are seated is often reminiscent of the throne, with lush velvet fabric and gilded trims.

6) Bridegroom’s Car
The car in which the bridegroom arrives at the bride’s place on the wedding night is also decorated with flowers and ribbons. The decoration can be kept minimal or over the top depending on the overall theme of the wedding. Minimal decoration often includes ribbons and red roses fetched to the whole car. The over the top decoration can be with flowers, garlands and even large boutiques put on the car’s front, back and even the doors.

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